Chlamydia home test

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  • Chlamydia antigen-test which tests the presence of the chlamydia bacteria
  • High quality with ISO certification
  • Very easy to use
  • Reliable result in 10 minutes
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Chlamydia self-test for men and women.

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It is also known as the “silent disease”, it is easily passed-on during unprotected sex. Untreated chlamydia can cause serious health issues such as infertility.

This very accurate chlamydia home test is easy to perform, and is delivered completely discreet in plain white packaging.

The number of chlamydia infections has increased significantly in the past 10 years. Many people do not notice any symptoms of chlamydia and chlamydia very easily passed on during unprotected sex. Chlamydia can be treated with antibiotics, but if left untreated it causes serious long-term problems, including infertility.

These are the most commonly noticed chlamydia symptoms for men and women:

Chlamydia symptoms in women

  • Painful periods
  • Pain during sex
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge
  • Fever with abdominal pain
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Pain when urinating
  • Itching or burning around the vagina

Chlamydia symptoms in men

  • Painful urination
  • Small amounts of cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis
  • Burning feeling around the opening of the penis
  • Swelling and pain near the testicles